June 7th 2002
Le sauvage - Les Estrets : 20 Km

Bewitching and fascinating clouds!
The landscape is bathed in a soft atmospheric humidity.
This morning is full of promise.
We are now leaving the Templar farm behind us as I plod on at my horse hoof pace.

I have conceived a photograph.
The conception is very accurate.
This pathway will just slowly slip away in one of the top corners.
The vital content of the landscape won't escape the eye of my camera.
This instant will capture time in a photo.
The present time is given to me by the unfathomable instant of a snapshot.

My guide is eager to continue on our way. So, I follow his heels closely.
Pathway of dewdrops, I like your light.
I'm walking towards an end to know the process of our knowledge.
To recognize the truth when I see it , to recognize the footprints of animals, my fellow adventuous friends.
This progressive thinking through the unknown is a leap into the dark and is why I need to follow the footprints of those who came before us. On that dirt track sprinkled with dew, each step of a man is a divine print of the world.

God is genetical.