Monday 3rd june 2002
Le Puy-en-Velay - Bains : 13 Km

There is a light rain
With a click and a clack on my hooves on the paving stone in front of the cathedral, I left.

The pavement is slippery.
I'm the philosophical beast.

When loaded up with my rucksack, I feel like a packhorse!
I walk taking each step at the time.
I stroll down the street precausiously.
The mystery keeps on turning round in my head.
I'm frightened of finding myself stranded on my back with my four hooves in the air. So I'm keeping my ears pricked.

- Walk with your head held high, straight ahead ! my guide says. This must be your first journey.

It's dead ordinary! but what I really want to do is to behave properly. I have to learn how to pray and break the monotony of my steps. I have to make unusual things happen and then try to convey them to others. I'm going to transform this common event into some kind of a life adventure. I'll create a theory of a journey going back in time, right back to that impossible beginning.

In the dreariness of the morning , something is happening that is breaking the noise of my tracks.

- What can I hear! my fellow guide said.
- My mumbling, Hee haw! hee haw!
- Mumbo jumbo! confess what you were doing!
- I was just following my nose!
- Your nose, your nose! listen, my nose is very sensitive...

I burst out laughing. My fellow traveller is someone who doesn't make philosophical remarks and who sees everything in black and white.

- I told you that I have also got sensitive smell but to me that sounds a bit fishy.
It's going to be like a children's story. I'll account all of my adventures during my journey. I'll omit nothing from my memory book.

- Look, Aniere, those black headed sheep, they are from this Velay country.

I thought : Isn't it funny? This story begins by the end. The black headed sheep were on advertisement posters on the very day of my departure.
- I'd like to take a photograph of that sheep.
- Don't do that ! It's raining. Let's crack on and get our pace up!

Click, click ! I like hearing the clicking sound of the shutter release.